Orion Stand

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Orion Stand

Engineered for safety and stability, Orion Elevated Hunting Stands are all steel and powder-coated with rust-preventing paint to withstand critters and rotting. Whether you choose a 5' stand, 10' stand or 15' stand - stair or ladder - all Orion Elevated Stands come standard with a 40"x60" steel deck that allows you to enter your blind most safely. The stair and deck rail is designed with OSHA commercial safety in mind, encouraging three-points of contact when climbing and entering and exiting your blind.

Shake Test Approved, Critter Proof and Rot Resistant

All steel and powder-coated elevated hunting stands that only require two tools for assembly - 9/16” wrench and a power impact drill. Eight corner- to-corner angle braces give this elevated hunting stand a superior structural design.

Safe Entry and Exit

A standard 40”x 60” deck won’t have you leaning, twisting, and turning when entering the blind. The safest way to enter and exit an elevated stand is to be standing at the same level as the door.

Uneven Ground? Level Up

Built-in leveling systems level up the stairs and the base, so your stand is level, even when the ground is not.

Lock Down Safety Anchoring System

Seven-point anchoring system keeps your stand upright and locked down – for your safety and the safety of the product - even when not in use.

Slip Resistant Treads

Safely climb the ladder or stair no matter the weather.

Heavy-Duty Cross-Brace Structural Design

Eight corner-to-corner angle braces

Simplified Assembly

Two pieces of hardware per connection - washer-headed bolt and washer-headed lock nut

Only two tools needed - 9/16" wrench and power impact drill

Safety Rails

Standard on Deck

Standard on Stair Option

Lock Down Safety Anchoring Systems

Seven point anchoring system keeps the stand in place

1,000 lb weight limit

Orion modular hunting blind and hunter capacity

Easily Transportable

Packaged flat to fit in the bed of standard pick-up trucks

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Orion Blind Setup with Archery Country

Time Lapse of Orion Blind Setup

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