Tethrd SYS Hauler ES V2

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Tethrd SYS Hauler ES 2.0

The SYS Hauler system is the OG ultralight saddle hunting storage system. With our simple, 1 handed quick connect method, your SYS Hauler can ride comfortably on your saddle for every hunt, or get left in the truck when you need to be light and fast. There’s no limit to what you can store with your SYS Haulers. We like to run our tether and lineman belt on our left hip, and necessary accessories (like the Recliner or HYS Strap) on our right hips. However, there’s no wrong way to do it. Since each SYS Hauler is modular and extremely light weight, you can use them to fit your needs. This system features 3 exterior compartments, and multiple interior pockets for organization.

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