B3 Archery Handheld Hinge Releases and Button Releases

B3 Archery, which calls the hills of Eastern Kentucky home offers broadheads, releases, and sights for bowhunters everywhere. B3, as they like to say, each precision crafted piece is built the best, by the best, for the best. B3 broadheads are built with precise attention to detail using the latest in technology and innovation. They like to hire bowhunters who use their products, and while B3 is relatively new to the archery scene, the team brings 250 years of collective archery experience. B3 releases are top notch and a sure favorite of bowhunters everywhere. Here we look at some of the favorite B3 releases here at Archery Country. 

B3 Ghost Release


B3 Ghost Release

The  B3 Ghost release features an all white hourglass aluminum handle with a texture coated grip, an integrated thumb peg and our patented hook and moon design with click or no click. The Ghost also features an auto locking band for hook return.

B3 Infinity Back Tension Release


The B3 Infinity Release is the newest addition to our Constrictor line, and offers the patent-pending micro-adjustable moon system for quick travel adjustment. It also features an adjustable handle design that allows a custom fit in up to seven locations. Whether you prefer flat or angled handle, the Infinity will adapt to your needs. B3's most innovative back-tension release. 

B3 Versa Release


The B3 Versa release features hardened 440C stainless internals, with simple-to-adjust tension and travel screws. The handle is a fully radiused two-piece system and allows you to rotate the finger attachment to one of five locations. The thumb bars, pegs and trigger options can be customized to fit any archer. The Versa’s exclusive design includes a base system that holds sears in place — producing the best performing release available today.

B3 Exit Release


B3 Exit Black B3 Exit Gun Metal Grey

The B3 Exit Release features a hardened stainless steel hook and a new lock-and-load design. It has a fully radiused aluminum handle for extra comfort and a perfect fit at the perfect price! The Exit is a patented revolutionary release design with a hand polished hardened stainless steel hook in a three-finger handle. All internal sears are machined of 100% high-grade stainless steel. With the simplicity of the lock-and-load design you wont have to push a cocking button to attach the hook to your string. The only screw you will need to adjust on this release is inside of the thumb barrel for your personal preference in location. If you are in the market for a thumb button, but don’t want to break the bank, the Exit is the release for you.

B3 Omega Pro

B3 Omega Pro

The markets best thumb-sear release now with B3's patented star drive handle system. The Omega Pro release features our patented star drive handle system where you can shoot it as a 2, 3 or 4 finger release. Hardened 440c stainless internals, with simple-to-adjust tension and travel screws this release is a must have. The handle is a radiused wide-track design for comfort and consistency. New for 2021 on the Omega line is what we call the fish-scale texture, that will give you a little added grip when using the release. The thumb bars, pegs and trigger options can be customized to fit any archer, as well as the handle. The Omega Pro’s exclusive design includes a base system that holds sears in place, producing the best performing release available today. Included with the Omega Pro is the new knub and pro hook finger extensions.

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