Best Fixed Blade Broadheads

If you are a bowhunting fanatic odds are over the summer months you have shot countless arrows prepping for hunting season. You have tinkered and tweaked your bow setup making sure everything is dialed in. After shooting what seems like countless arrows, we all have to make the hard decision on what broadhead to use. With the several types of broadheads of today, we have more selection than ever. With various blade configurations, angles, cutting diameters, and grades of steel, it is really easy to get lost. 

Broadhead Penetration

Having a short draw length or lower weight poundage can limit selection for a proper broadhead. Penetration is going to be one of the major factors in picking a broadhead for your setup. Typically a smaller cut on contact broadhead will out penetrate other broadheads. A cut on contact broadhead means that the blades are in the same plane as the tip so as soon as the arrow enters it is slicing. Number of blades is also something to look at, having more blades or blade surface area is going to hamper penetration. Some really good broadheads to look at if you fall under a shorter draw or lower poundage would be a SlickTrick ViperTrick SS, SlickTrick SS3, G5 Montec or B3 Exoskeletal Destrukt.

SlickTrick ViperTrick SS

The  SlickTrick ViperTrick SS flies like a dart, with a 1 1/16" cutting diameter, 7/8" bleeder blade, and a total cut of 1 15/16". The cut-on-contact design makes the ViperTrick ideal for all compound bows and even crossbows. The SlickTrick Pro Series ViperTrick uses an all stainless steel blade construction. These broadheads feature deep penetrattion and do more damage than ever before. Best yet, because they resist corrosion, you never have to worry about having a razor sharp edge.

SlickTrick ViperTrick SS

SlickTrick SS3

Much like the original SlickTrick designs, the  SlickTrick SS3 is an evolved head that flies like no other. With a super short, machined single-piece design, the SS3 is another SlickTrick broadhead that does it all. Again and again. The SS3 includes a proven mix of geometry and weight for a laser-like flight from any bow. Three blades stabilize the head quickly for never-before-seen accuracy. The machined single-piece construction brings all the energy of your chosen bow and leaves a slug-like hole for maximum devastation on impact.

SlickTrick SS3

G5 Montec

The  G5 Montec broadhead's foolproof design combines tough one-piece, all-steel construction with 100% spin-tested accuracy. With no components to assemble or replace, simply screw on and shoot. This simple to use, high-performance broadhead is what every hard-core hunter is looking for.

G5 Montec

3 Exoskeletal Destrukt

The  B3 Exoskeletal Destrukt features a micro steel head with bone smashing tip with a 1 3/16″ cutting diameter. B3’s Exoskeletal Broadheads are stronger, straighter and superior — a patent-pending design built by archers and hunters, like you. The razor sharp curved blades cut faster and penetrate longer. Quiet flight and field-tip accuracy out to longer distances.

B3 Exoskeletal Destrukt

Broadhead Accuracy

Generally for whitetails and other similar sized game most bowhunters will zip through their quarry with ease shooting a fixed head. If you draw above 50 pounds and have an average draw length or longer there is more options. Accuracy is probably the most important factor, and some broadheads when shot 300 plus feet per second can act erratic. Nothing can be more frustrating than practicing all summer long getting dialed in with field tips just to realize that your broadheads are not flying true. Some of the flight issues could be in the tuning of your bow, which most pro shops should be able to take care of. That being said some broadheads are a little bit more forgiving than others when it comes to accuracy due to tuning, form, or even wind drift.

Broadhead Materials

Probably the next most important factor would be the quality of material that is in the broadhead. Today more and more manufacturers are offering premium grade steels that only used to be found high end knives and cutlery. These higher grade steels have a higher edge retention that translates to those blades staying sharper longer throughout that animal. Having a sharp blade is vital and can mean the difference between a great blood trail and terrible one. A clean cut is more apt to bleed and not clot. Probably the next important factor would be total cutting diameter or total cut. There is a fine line between cutting diameter and penetration, we all need to find a happy balance. You want something small enough to get good penetration and a pass through but still want a good cutting diameter. Some of the top broadheads on the market are the Solid Legend, QAD Exodus, and Wac’ Em Original.

Talking to other bowhunters you will get several answers on what  broadheads to use and which to stay away from. It seems like every year a revolutionary broadhead comes out that promises to be the most accurate and lethal. While some of the most popular designs have been around for over decade, there is nothing wrong with picking a tried and true broadhead. Each broadhead has its own advantage and disadvantage for certain setups and hunting situations.

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