Crossbow Cocking Devices

Posted by Archery Country on Jul 15th 2019

Crossbow Cocking Devices

When using a crossbow, it is important to make sure that it is cocked perfectly. This means making sure the rope that fires the bolt is aligned with the barrel. If the crossbow is not cocked properly, then the arrow will not fly straight which will impact the accuracy of the crossbow. There are two separate categories when it comes to crossbow cocking devices. The first is the manual cock This is the traditional method and involves using the stirrup to brace the crossbow with the foot. Then, the hands are used to pull the string back manually. This method is not for everyone, as it is physically demanding and places a lot of stress on the back. The other option is to use a cocking device. These can be particularly helpful for those who don't have the physical ability to exert a lot of strength.

Why Use a Crossbow Cocking Device?

There are two main reasons to use a cocking device to load a crossbow. The first reason is that they are easier to use. Manually cocking a crossbow can be physically demanding. People can even get hurt using it. The second reason is that it will make someone more accurate. When someone decides to manually cock a crossbow, there is always a chance that the string might not be straight. This can cause arrows to miss their targets by significant margins. A cocking device can help someone improve his or her accuracy.

The Different Kinds of Crossbow Cocking Devices

When it comes to looking for a cocking device for a crossbow, the goal is to find a machine that will make it easier to cock the crossbow accurately. There are two different types that someone can use. They are:

Rope Cocking Device:

The first option is to go with a rope cocking device. This device can be very helpful. It comes with two handles that resemble the pull system used to start a lawnmower. Along with the handles are two string clips and a rope that brings the entire contraption together. First, position the two string clips against the string of the crossbow. While doing this, keep your foot on the stirrup. Then, use a little bit of force to pull back and click the string into the trigger mechanism. This device is reliable and can cut the force required to cock the crossbow by half.

Crank Cocking Device:

This device is the most effective when it comes to making it easier to cock a crossbow. It has been designed so that people with back injuries can cock the crossbow with ease. The crank device is first attached to the back of the crossbow. Make sure the two hooks are positioned against the string. Then, turn the knob of the crank device. Make sure the hooks are straight. Otherwise, the crank device will not cock the crossbow correctly. Turn the crank until the crossbow locks into the trigger mechanism. These cranks are operated similarly to a fishing rod. These require minimal force to cock the crossbow. The only downside is that they are more expensive than the rope cock option.

How to Choose the Right Crossbow Cocking Device

When someone is looking for a cocking device, there are lots of options to choose from. In order to choose the right one, it is important to examine the purpose of the crossbow. For example, those who are looking to use their crossbows in competition will want to minimize the weight of the cocking device. Having extra weight from a crank device on a crossbow can slow someone down and impact their accuracy. On the other hand, those who are shooting to hunt might want to prioritize speed. In this situation, a crank device would be helpful. Consider the purpose of the crossbow. Then, find the right cocking device.

Crossbow Safety First

It is important for everyone to remember that safety should always come first when using a crossbow. It is critical to keep any body parts away from the string when the crossbow is about to be fired. The string will fly forward with a great deal of force. This can cause serious injuries. Even though a cocking device can help someone fire arrows more quickly, remember to take a deep breath before pulling the trigger.