Iowa Turkey Season and Regulations 2022

Posted by Archery Country on Feb 28th 2022

Iowa Turkey Season and Regulations 2022

In the state of Iowa, residents may purchase up to 2 permits (one permit for the youth season for those under 16, or season 1, 2, or 3; and a second permit for season 4). Both permits may also be purchased during season 4. Nonresidents may purchase one permit for any of the four seasons, but not during the youth season. A $15.00 habitat stamp fee and a general small game hunting license is also required for both residents and nonresidents. For more information on nonresident spring turkey hunting in Iowa,  click here. It is important to understand all of the laws and regulations prior to hunting. Click here for Iowa's turkey hunting laws and regulations.

2022 Spring Turkey Hunting Dates In Iowa

  • Youth Season (residents only): Apr 8 - 10
  • Season 1: Apr 11 - 14
  • Season 2: Apr 15 - 19
  • Season 3: Apr 20 - 26
  • Season 4: Apr 27 - May 15
  • Resident Archery-Only: Apr 11 - May 15

Turkey Hunting Laws And Regulations In Iowa


  • Commercial decoys are legal, however, live decoys are not legal.

Weapons And Shot Sizes

  • The only legal firearms for turkey hunting are: shotguns and muzzleloader shotguns not smaller than 20-gauge shooting number 4 through 8 lead or nontoxic shot. 
  • Hunters may not have shot sizes other than number 4 through 8 on their person while hunting turkeys. 
  • Muzzleloading rifles may not be used to hunt turkeys.
  • In addition to firearms, archery equipment including longbows, recurves and compound bows can be used to hunt wild turkeys in Iowa. Arrows must be at least 18 inches long and must be tipped with broadheads, or with bluntheads with a minimum diameter of 9/16 of an inch.


  • A resident hunter having a valid license for one of the spring turkey seasons may accompany, call for or otherwise assist anyone having a valid turkey license for any of the seasons.
  • A nonresident may assist other hunters only in the zone and season indicated on their license.
  • The person helping can not shoot a turkey or carry a bow or firearm unless they have a valid license and unused transportation tag for the current season. No one may shoot a turkey for someone else, or tag a turkey shot by someone else.

Transportation Tags

  • You must apply a transportation tag to the leg within 15 minutes of harvest, or before the turkey is moved, in such a way that the tag is visible and cannot be removed without being mutilated or destroyed. The transportation tag must bear the license number of the hunter, year of issuance and date of harvest. The tag shall be the hunter’s proof of possession of the turkey.
  • The harvest report tag, with the confirmation number properly recorded, must be attached to the leg of the turkey after reporting the harvest and before the turkey is processed.

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