MN Crossbow Regulations 2023

Posted by Archery Country on Jun 20th 2023

MN Crossbow Regulations 2023

New crossbow regulations for this year's archery season have sparked debate in archery forums across the internet. Regardless of your stance on this change, it is important that you are informed about the following details.

Previous Crossbow Regulations

Previously crossbow use in Minnesota was restricted. Crossbows were allowed during firearms seasons and during archery seasons only if you were over 60 or had a disability.

Did the Crossbow Bill Pass in MN?

Governor Walz approved the 2023 Environment, Natural Resources, Climate and Energy Budget Bill on May 24th, 2023. This bill opens up crossbow use during the archery season. This bill amends the language surrounding age requirements.

The new law change permits archers of any age and physical ability to use a crossbow during the entire archery season. The following post from the Minnesota DNR Fish and Wildlife confirms this rule will come into effect this fall.

Whether you are interested in hunting with a traditional bowcompound bow, or crossbow this season we are here to help you find the perfect bow for you.