Mega Mouth Bowfishing Reel 2.0

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Unlike other spincast bowfishing reels that are really just modified fishing reels, MegaMouth® was built from the ground up and strictly for bowfishing!

  • Buttonless FreeWheel® design – no way to accidentally shoot an unreleased reel
  • Ultra-wide MegaMouth® cone reduces friction and line-whip
  • Dual, no-fry stainless steel gears
  • FireFast retrieve – unmatched torque and fastest (28″ per crank) retrieve in the industry
  • Three solid axial pins engage more quickly and will not break
  • Quick-adjust drag that can be adjusted mid-fight
  • Adjustable T-Bar clutch
  • Power-crank big fish without concern thanks to drive shaft anti-reverse system
  • New & improved toolless, patented, hex-set thru-tube torque rod
  • New & improved hex, lever lock picatinny rail mount system allows toolless adjustment and removal (patent pending)
  • 40 yards of premium, pre-spooled 200# test line
  • Converts easily from right to left hand

MegaMouth 2.0 Features

  • v2.0 UPDATED LINE SPOOL & BEARING - We’ve increased line capacity on the spool by reducing the diameter of the core.  v2.0 reels will have a new brass bearing in the spool.  This increased line capacity allows for an additional 10 yards of line.  All MegaMouth® version 2.0 reels now come with 40 yards of line installed. When purchasing a replacement line spool, be sure to look for the version 2.0 spools with 40 yards of line. The new line spool utilizes a new, smaller brass bearing. The original spool will not work with the version 2.0 reel. The original line spool utilizes a larger steel and black bearing.

  • v2.0 UPDATED TRANSMISSION- The transmission has been reengineered to accept the new line spool and modified line deflectors. When purchasing replacement line spools, be sure to look for the version 2.0 spools with 40 yards of line. Original MegaMouth® reels do NOT have the updated transmission and will NOT work with the v2.0 spools.
  • v2.0 FRONT LINE DEFLECTOR & SPRINGS- The front line deflector has been updated to include 3 boss pins which allow the new Boss Springs #4016 to twist onto. These new boss springs are heavier gauge wire and longer in length. They twist on to minimize loss when the line deflector is removed and have a much longer life.  Replacement springs #4016 can be purchased on our replacement parts page.

  • v2.0 REAR LINE DEFLECTOR- The MegaMouth® version 2.0 Rear Line Deflector has also been updated to include a larger transmission shaft surface area.  The extended transmission boss on the Rear Line Deflector uses up extra space from the smaller line spool bearing, creating more surface contact with the transmission, minimizing any side-to-side movement of the Line Deflectors.