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Wicked Ridge XX75 Aluminum Arrows With Alpha-Nocks (6 pack)

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Wicked Ridge XX75 Aluminum Arrows With Alpha-Nocks (6 pack)

The XX75 20-inch 2219 aluminum arrow is fletched slightly offset and is fitted with a 13-grain carbon insert, 2.0 Easton Bully Boattail Vane, and TenPoint’s Alpha-Nock.

TenPoint’s Alpha-Nock HP features a deep bowstring groove, a large smooth radius base, and elongated ears. Its HP Aluminum Bushing increases strength and accuracy. The string on TenPoint’s extremely narrow crossbows wraps tightly around the center of the Alpha-Nock HP resulting in straight nock travel and precision down-range accuracy, while minimizing string serving wear.

The Alpha-Nock HP’s deep channel design increases the string-to-nock engagement by 28% and “holds” the bowstring in place during the shot which prevents “shoot-over” or “shoot-under”.

The Alpha-Nock HP can be used in any TenPoint, Wicked Ridge, or Horton Crossbow Innovations crossbow. Use of the Alpha-Nock HP in any of these crossbows will not void the warranty, even if your crossbow originally required the use of a flat nock or Omni-Nock.

  • 20-INCH
  • 450-GRAINS

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