ScentLok OZ 8K Ozone Rolling Bag & Radial IQ Combo

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ScentLok OZ 8K Ozone Rolling Bag & Radial IQ Combo

Storing your hunting clothing in an ozone storage container is a vital step for success in the field. Our products are constantly adsorbing odors and contaminants in the air that surrounds them. Keeping your gear in the OZ 8K Ozone Rolling Bag + Radial IQ Combo allows the new Radial IQ ozone generator to destroy lingering odors and keep them from contaminating your gear. OZ products are not intended for in-the-field use.

Carbon Alloy Odor Absorbing Technology

Our industry leading technology combines activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite concealed between fabrics. The massive surface area of these natural particles target and adsorb odors and won't let go until you reactivate your gear in your dryer.

Radial IQ unit included

Features a one button design that runs for 30 minutes, the ideal ozone output and run time to actively refresh your gear

600D PVC backed polyester fabric

For extreme durability

Extendable handle & durable wheels

Provides easy transport

Removable, adjustable shoulder strap & reinforced 2" grab straps

For comfortable, convenient carrying, even with heavy loads

Eight internal pockets & one side zipper pocket

One side pocket includes a grommet to allow for ozone output

Dedicated pocket to suspend the Radial IQ

Allowing ozone to fill the entire bag


32” W x 16” H X 16” D

Pack includes

OZ Rolling Chamber 8K and a Radial IQ, 12V DC power supply, and a vehicle power adapter