ScentLok OZ N Fuse Ozone Sprayer

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ScentLok OZ NFuse Ozone Sprayer

The OZ NFuse Ozone Sprayer transforms tap water into a powerful, effective and highly economical means of destroying odor-causing bacteria - deodorizing virtually any surface or area and reducing odor-causing bacteria by up to 99% in minutes!

The one-button design activates the ozone charging system, infusing tap water with ozone technology in under 90 seconds! The surrounding orange light indicates battery life in 25% increments and uses a standard micro USB charging port located on the back of the bottle for quick and easy recharging.

The revolutionary InfiniCote 360 nozzle creates an ultra-fine mist for maximum coverage with increased control and even works upside down, making it easier than ever to spray boots, pants, or anything below the knee.

Ozone technology

Destroys odor-causing bacteria

InfiniCote 360™ nozzle design

Creates an ultra-fine mist for maximum coverage and performance

One button design

Turns water into ozonized water in 90 seconds!

Unlimited refills

Using tap water


With included micro USB charger for repeated use