Code Of Silence DoubleBack Extreme Pack

Code of Silence
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Revolutionary functionality with full-size capacity and added carrying support.

  • Patent-Pending DoubleBack drop-down gear system can efficiently carry saddle gear, rattling antlers, camera gear, ground blinds, clothing and more.
  • Drop down dual position gear pouch for carrying bows and other equipment.
  • 100% Fleece-Wool exterior for ultimate silence.
  • Breathable padded back panel
  • Removable internal frame
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Removable 6 inch waist belt
  • Snap closed handle
  • 2,250 Cubic Inches

Creating the ultimate tree stand Whitetail hunting pack has been a three-year challenge. We were focused on making a 100% quiet pack that could effectively carry the gear we need it to. This pack simply gets it done and then some. Made entirely of our famous Fleece-Wool, this pack is more than noiseless. The lower carrying system lies completely underneath and independent of the traditional cross-back storage system. The drop-down gear pouch is also a huge upgrade in technology. Other features include ample inside storage, large side storage pouches for easy access, zipper top pocket in rear, snap closed handle, removable internal frame, 6 inch wide removable adjustable waist belt, sternum strap and adjustable padded shoulder straps.

Weight: 4lbs. 10oz