X-Wing Speed Series Saddle Platform

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The Speed Series product line is designed for optimization addicts, those who believe the speed at which one can adapt is directly related to success. Speed Series hunters focus on consistent improvement and are constantly working to reduce weight, enhance packability, and never shy away from trying new things. This attitude is the driving force behind all Speed Series products.

The X-Wing saddle platform is designed for hunters who want to invest in elite performance. Its unique shape is meticulously engineered to enhance maneuverability in the tree, and at only 2.5 pounds, the X-Wing Platform is the premium ultralight saddle platform. The winged design allows you to have a natural, athletic, stance while hunting and brings you closer to the tree for better concealment. The rearward facing edges maximize your ability to take backside shots around the tree, while the center section of the platform is the perfect length if you need to stand up to adjust (or pee). The front-facing edge of the wings is perpendicular to the side edge of the platform to counteract gravitational pull into the tree and provide pivoting support for any shot opportunity.

Speed Series hunters know incremental improvements lead to new accomplishments. Mobile hunting is all about building a setup that works best for you and your style. The Speed Series ultralight style is not for everyone, but if you’re someone who believes speed kills, then the X-Wing Platform is made for you.