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Carbon Speed Series Climbing Sticks

  • Metal Free
  • 19oz Total Weight Per Stick
  • 18 Inches Total Length
  • 17 Inches Step-to-Step
  • Single-Piece Design
  • No moving parts
  • 275 lb Weight Rating
  • 3 pack of sticks

The Carbon SS Climbing sticks are a single, continuous piece of carbon fiber composite. No moving parts, no hardware, and nothing to come loose no matter how hard you run the sticks. The material is extremely rigid, so bent stand offs are no longer possible.


Reduce Your Profile

Having a small profile provides many advantages in the woods. The stackability of the new Carbon SS Climbing Sticks keeps your gear within your frame, making access through the thickest of woods a breeze.  


All New Attachment Method

The new attachment method prioritizes speed & strength. Replacing the versa button, the new attachment wings allow the sticks to stack flat, making them compact for saddle hunters & tree stand hunters. 


For the Most Rugged of Hunts

Stronger than many steels & 40% lighter than aluminum. The new Carbon SS Climbing Sticks maintain strength in brittle cold or extreme heat, ensuring reliability during the harshest of hunts.

Featuring streamlined stackability, carbon fiber technology, and our patent pending amsteel attachment method, these sticks were designed for the mobile hunter. The climbing sticks use Carbon Speed Series Technology, which stems from the aerospace and automobile industry, making them extremely durable without increasing weight.