Latitude Webbing Daisy Chain

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Webbing Daisy Chain

Webbing Daisy Chains have quickly become the preferred replacement for bulky, metal, cam buckle straps on sticks and platforms. They are a light weight, compact, and simple-to-use attachment method that packs up and deploys quietly. The woven construction using an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene webbing (same material as Amsteel) on these 8' daisy chains is ~50% stronger than most cam straps but only weighs 1oz. The 2.5" wide loops are compatible with any climbing stick or saddle platform that uses a versa button-style attachment point. 

Compatible with the following Sticks and Platforms: Hunting Beast, Lone Wolf Custom Gear, Shikar, Tethrd One, Tethrd Skeletor, Tethrd Predator, Hawk Helium, Novix, Trophyline, and more