Trophyline HyperLite Climbing Sticks

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Introducing the HyperLite™ Climbing Sticks, made from a new groundbreaking material Magnite™

HyperLite™ Climbing Sticks are a 100% USA MADE, 16 inch double step sticks that are 17.5 oz per stick. Engineered with the FlatStack Design 4 sticks pack into a height of an iphone, and a total height (standoff to top of last stick) at only 6.25 inches. The unibody design and attached standoff create ZERO movement. QuickHitch Tabs make hanging sticks easy, secure, and fast. 6ft Custom USA Amsteel attachment method.

+ LIGHTER - Weight 17.5 oz. Made from Magnite™ - 33% lighter than Aluminum, 50% Lighter than strength equivalent carbon.

+ STRONGER - Made from Magnite™ - 22% stronger than Aluminum.

+ QUIETER - Absorbs 3X more vibration than Aluminum, 10X more than Carbon.

 COMPACT - FlatStack Design - gives you 4 X 16” inch double step climbing sticks packed into a height of only 6.25 inches, and will integrate directly with the Hyperlite Platform.

- Unibody design and fixed attached standoffs create ZERO movement with no moving parts.

 - Made from Magnite™ - 110% harder than Aluminum.

 - QuickHitch Tabs easy, secure, fast attachment method for hanging sticks.

 - HyperLite Climbing Sticks are 100% made in the USA 6ft Custom USA Amsteel attachment method with prusik friction hitch.