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Halo Nock
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With “no-fail” internal components and bowstring activated dependability, Halo Nock provides superior, dependable performance with every shot. Sold in a 3 Pack

  • MICRO- Fits micro arrow IDs of .165”-.166”
  • FIT- A multi-fit package with bushing adapters to fit most common arrow IDs of .204”, .233”, and .244”-.246

Halo Nock provides superior, dependable performance with every shot. Their patent pending design wont accidentally turn on when placing on your bowstring.  No matter how hard you push on the nock, it won’t activate until it leaves the string.  In addition, this innovative design avoids any risk of a “mini-dry fire” that can occur with other lighted nocks that slip forward during release. Halo Nock is refreshingly simple to use and available in a variety of colors and sizes.


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    could make it a valuable addition to archery

    Posted by Thomas Dolan on Oct 13th 2023

    The Halo Nock appears to offer several noteworthy features that could make it a valuable addition to archery equipment. Here's a brief review based on the information you've provided: The Halo Nock boasts "no-fail" internal components and a bowstring-activated mechanism, ensuring reliable performance with every shot. This is a promising feature for archers seeking consistency in their shots. One standout aspect is its compatibility with a range of arrow IDs, including micro arrow IDs of .165”-.166” and common arrow IDs of .204”, .233”, and .244”-.246. This versatility can be convenient for archers using various arrow types. The patent-pending design of the Halo Nock is particularly intriguing. It's designed not to accidentally activate when placed on the bowstring, even if you push on it. This adds an extra layer of safety and reliability to the product. Another advantage highlighted is the prevention of a "mini-dry fire," a risk associated with other lighted nocks that can slip forward during release. This safety feature can be crucial for archers, as dry firing a bow can cause damage. Lastly, the simplicity of use and the availability of the Halo Nock in various colors and sizes can cater to a wide range of archers' preferences. Overall, based on the information provided, the Halo Nock appears to be a promising choice for archers looking for dependable and safe nocks with versatile compatibility. However, it's essential to consider user reviews and additional information for a comprehensive assessment before making a purchase decision.