AXT Ronin Sight

AXT Archer Xtreme
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AXT Ronin Sight

AXT's Ronin 5 Pin Sight was designed and mnaufactured in the spirit of the Samurai. With its precision machining that results in fast, accurate target acquisition, this sight is sure to quickly become a best-seller. Proven accuracy and performance are imperative and the Ronin delivers.

Rail Locking System

Increases surface area for unmatched rigidity in key areas

2" HD Fiber Guard Sight Ring

FOr quick target acquisition & extra sight pin fiber protection


For quick, easy windage and elecation micro-adjusting

5 .019 Center Core Pin Technology

The fibers run through the pins - not outside them in a channel like other manufacturers, which protects the fibers when out in the field. 

Stainless Steel Hardware

Withstands even the toughest elements and abuse

Micro LED

All of AXT's sights come standard with Micro LED lights.

Fully Machined

Not cast, enabling it to outperform other sights in tough conditions

Tapered 5 Axis Machining

Increases strength while decreasing weight