Hoyt Invicta 37 SVX

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Hoyt Invicta 37 SVX

There is a culture that flows through Hoyt that "good enough" is never good enough. Ever. Our engineers labor intently over every minute detail of every product they design and engineer. The attention to detail and desire for perfection is unmatched and unwavering. Some outsiders call it overkill. We call it the "Hoyt Way". The only way. And we do it because we know who you are and what you expect.


The Invicta features an updated grip system for improved comfort, flexibility and accuracy. The standard grip angle has been flattened for more optimized grip pressure and features an innovative, patent-pending modular grip system that comes standard with each Invicta bow. This system allows for two different kinds of adjustments. First, you can change the angle of the grip, choosing between the flattened angle of 0 degrees, +4 degrees for a medium wrist angle or +8 degrees for an even higher wrist angle. Once you have dialed in your preferred grip angle, you then have additional grip modules to match each angle but that shorten your draw length by 1/8". Those archers looking to slightly shorten their draw length when going from indoor to outdoor or looking for that final adjustment to find that perfect spot, can now do so with a simple change of grip, without changing your tune or sight marks.


The Invicta Series is available with the tournament dominating SVX Cam & 1/2. With a fixed 65% let-off and ultra-firm wall, the SVX Cam will keep you honest on the back wall and produce blistering speeds of up to 330 feet per second, significantly faster than prior year SVX model bows. The wall of the SVX can be adjusted for a slightly softer feel by removing the draw stop peg and washer from perimeter of the cam and putting the peg in the inner peg position, located near the hub of the cam.


The unique and proven Shoot-Thru design incorporated in the Invicta riser noticeably increases lateral stiffness, resulting in a more consistent reaction of the bow as the arrow is released. It’s also engineered for optimized balance, making the bow easier to aim than traditional open-shelf bows for ultimate accuracy, more perfect scores and more podium finishes.


The Invicta is built with our longest, most stable riser platform we have ever engineered. With a 2 ½ Inch increase in riser length, the Invicta is engineered with a lower center of mass, and greater moment of inertia for the most effective aiming and rock-solid hold of any target bow we have ever built.


Hoyt’s innovative and time-tested StealthShot™ string suppression system got upgraded with an all-new proprietary material to kill noise and vibration more than ever. In addition to crushing noise, the StealthShot also increases accuracy by providing for a cleaner, crisper release of the arrow from the string for a more forgiving shot.


The Invicta comes standard with two arrow rest mounting holes making it compatible with high-performance arrow rests which use two mounting screws for a super strong bond to the riser. Old-school arrow rests use a small set screw tightened against the riser as a second point of contact to secure the rest, leaving it vulnerable to being bumped and knocked out of position, not to mention leaving an ugly scratch on your bow. By using two mounting holes arrow rests can now be securely locked down to the bow for rock-solid consistency and accuracy.


Integrated rear stabilizer mounting locations allow for convenient use of a rear stabilizer to customize the balance of your rig for ultimate consistency and accuracy. Our unique design includes a secondary lock-down hole for bomb-proof, rock-solid mounting when used with the Hoyt Hard-Lock Rear Stabilizer Bracket.


The Invicta features an adjustable cable guard bar to help maximize your bow’s tunability and shrink your groups. Four different angle settings allow you to bring the cable guard as close to your arrow as possible without contact, helping to neutralize torque while maintaining perfect arrow flight. Internal locking teeth and two lock-down screws ensure it will stay where you put it.


The Invicta's zero-tolerance pocket houses our all-new, high-performance parallel target limb system. This new limb design harnesses more power for significant increases in speed while also creating much less vibration, making for the quietest and smoothest shot experience of any target bow we have ever built. In fact, the Invicta has nearly 50% less vibration and noise, making for a shooting experience like no other.

  • AXLE TO AXLE: 37¼"
  • WEIGHT: 4.7 lbs
  • CAM: SVX Cam
  • DRAW LENGTHS: 23.5-25.5", 26-27", 27.5-28.5", 29-30"
  • IBO SPEED: 330 FPS (ATA)