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Hoyt Stratos SVX

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We are a proud authorized dealer of Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, Elite, Bear, Athens and Bowtech compound bows. While we cannot sell these bows online, please visit one of our stores to speak with one of our archery experts.

Hoyt Stratos SVX

The new Hoyt Stratos raises the industry benchmark to match today’s demands of the world’s best archers. The Stratos features SVX Cam System, an updated riser geometry for optimized center of gravity, 36” or 40” axle-to-axle options, the proven modular grip system, and integrated arrow rest mounting capabilities. Available in six CeraKote® color options, along with two powdercoat options.

The birth of a new benchmark. The Hoyt Stratos is born from a pedigree of Hoyt target bows that have set the bar for target bow design across the archery world. Legendary Hoyt tournament bows such as the Ultra Elite, Vantage Elite, Contender, Prevail, Invicta, and many others, have laid the foundation for the next-generation of record breaking performance. Hoyt Stratos offers unrivaled adjustability and customization for optimal personalized performance and a new benchmark in bow design.

Hoyt SVX Cam

High-performance SVX cams feature interchangeable modules for increased efficiencies and speeds up to 328 fps. The SVX cam has a hard wall and is “ready to go” at full draw for those who pull hard through the shot.

Shoot-Thru Riser Geometry

Hoyt’s Shoot-Thru™ TEC ™ risers are unmatched in stiffness and consistency, and now the Stratos combines a new geometry for even more forgiveness. A more neutral riser geometry shifts the center-of-gravity over the shooters hand which makes it point, aim and balance more naturally.

Patented Modular Grip System

Where the rubber hits the road, the bow grip is make or break for comfort, forgiveness and accuracy. Hoyt’s patented Modular Grip System allows you to select a grip angle that feels and performs the best for you. Available in 0, +4 and +8 degree angles and in standard height and +1/8” height to fine tune your draw length without adjusting strings and cables. 3 Grip Angles: 0 DEGREE, +4 DEGREE & +8 DEGREE

In-Line™ Integrate Rest Mounting Option

Integrate arrow rest mounting option allows for the use of streamlined, modern rest systems along with traditional, berger-hole mounted arrow rests capable of dual mounting screws.

  • FPS (ATA): 332
  • Axle-To-Axle: 36"
  • Brace Height: 7"
  • Pounds: 4.65
  • Draw Length: 23.5-31"
  • Draw Weight: 30-70#
  • Let Off: 70%
  • #1 (23.5-25.5”)
  • #2 (26-27”)
  • #3 (27.5-28.5”)
  • #4 (29-30”)
  • #5 (30.5-31”)
  • FPS (ATA): 327
  • Axle-To-Axle: 40 1/8"
  • Brace Height: 7 1/16"
  • Pounds: 4.9
  • Draw Length: 24.5-33"
  • Draw Weight: 30-70#
  • Let Off: 70%
  • #1 (24.5-26.5”)
  • #2 (27-29”)
  • #3 (28.5-29.5”)
  • #4 (30-31”)
  • #5 (31.5-32”)
  • LD option (32.5-33”)

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